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Nida-Gravel 129


Perfect for hardscapes and landscapes, NidaGravel by Nidaplast, allows for ease of mobility, placement, and cleanup of gravels and sands. Just place NidaGravel down on any level surface and fill with the desired gravel or sand. No slip, no sink, simple.

Matline Plus 301


Working with MatlineTM requires no special tools or skills as it is easy to mold into shape. MatlineTM products are the finest and most user friendly in the industry. Our perforations accept more resin readily and release air making our product the most conformable in the laminating process.

PET Foam


Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) is a thermoplastic manufactured from recycled water bottles which produces a lower cost for use in several different applications ranging from insulation, wind blades, to Marine uses. PET Foam provides an excellent laminate-to-core bond for a more rigid, lightweight, and economically flexible alternative to other core materials.